OptogearSolutions for optical fiber manufacturing

Optogear provides equipment and technology for manufacturing of optical fibers used in modern photonics industry. Specialty optical fiber manufacturing equipment is the core of Optogear offering. Modern specialty fibers are key components in optical lasers and amplifiers, in medical optical applications and in demanding sensor applications in various industries.

Recent scientific findings have opened possibility for new processes, for which equipment has not traditionally been available. Optogear has addressed this need and developed interesting product portfolio since the year 2008. Our offering covers whole range from preform manufacturing to fiber draw, from non-traditional fiber coating technologies to state of art fiber handling equipment. The heart of Optogear offering is in world class scientific work. The equipment is designed for the process, to serve the process. The design is robust, industrial and elegant, ready to work for generations.

Optogear is well connected with manufacturing industry and global research community. We continue to bring new processes and equipment to the industry. Over the years we have also implemented a number of customized solutions for individual needs of our customer.

Kindly share your thoughts with us, let’s see what we can do together.


  • OG Towers

    Draw Towers

    Targeted for your needs

  • OG-510


    Specialty fiber draw tower

    For all fiber draw processes

  • OG-140


    Specialty fiber draw furnace

    For research and manufacturing purposes

  • OG-175


    Specialty fiber draw furnace

    For research and manufacturing purposes

  • OG-130


    CVD Furnace

    Powerful, accurate and symmetrical heat source for CVD process

  • OG-40


    Single take-up

  • OG-40D


    Dual Take-up

  • OG-23


    Single take-up

  • OG-30D


    Dual Take-up

  • OG-80


    Proof tester for thick fiber

  • OG-82


    Proof tester for specialty fiber

  • OG-88


    High speed proof tester

  • OG-330


    Fiber coating system

    For optical fiber coloring and upcoating processes

  • OG-470

    SPCVD equipment

    Preform manufacturing for specialty fiber

  • OG-450


    Perform stretching and jacketing equipment

    Precise resizing and assembly of modern optical fiber preforms

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